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The future of product development:

A changelog that writes itself

Automated topic modeling at scale

AI-powered sentiment analysis

Personalized roadmaps with access control

Leverage AI to accelerate your product momentum and get the right features to market 3x faster.

The average LaunchNotes customer enjoys:
1.2 days
saved per week
in annual cost savings
new revenue per year
total ROI
in annual churn prevention
World-class customer support
Our customer support and success teams have a combined CSAT score of: 100%
*Rolling 60-day average based on customer feedback surveys
a few of our raving fans
LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4X our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted, meaningful communication.
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Brian Elmi
VP of Product
Using LaunchNotes, Stytch saw a 91% open rate on its first product launch. And the platform keeps delivering, week after week. 
Spyri Karasavva
Spyri Karasavva
LaunchNotes is way more than a branded changelog. It's a new channel to grow your business.
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson
Director of Product
Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a
300% increase in release notes engagement.
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Mike Everts
Product Marketing Manager
LaunchNotes has streamlined our release comms process by more than 30%. The value of this time savings is incalculable.
Max Andaker
LaunchNotes has created the perfect tool for leveraging product momentum to grow your business.
Matt Hodges
Matt Hodges
VP of marketing
LaunchNotes is one of the most valuable communication channels I have with our customers.
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Nate Munger
Head of Customer Success
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Sound familiar?

"It’s not important enough to warrant a blog post, but needs to be highlighted somewhere."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Public LaunchNotes pages

"I wish I could easily notify the users who are going to be impacted by this next release."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Categories

"Oh, that’s already live! We launched it last month. You didn’t see our blog about it?"

See how LaunchNotes solves this with the Embedded Widget

"What’s the most up-to-date product roadmap? I’m never sure which one I should share."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Private Roadmaps

"I’m getting feedback from 50 places, but none of it has the necessary context to be useful."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with the Customer Feedback Manager

"An EAP is a great idea! Do we know who we should invite? Can we easily reach them?"

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Public Roadmaps

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