Embedded Widget

Make announcements once, broadcast personalized updates everywhere

Our fully customizable widget was designed to pipe product updates anywhere you want them and everywhere customers will see them
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Marketing site

Showcase product momentum to every visitor
Replace outdated screenshots and features pages with a stream of product improvements that's always relevant and up-to-date.

In app

Push product updates directly into your web app
Avoid cluttered email inboxes entirely by making announcements in the context of your product—the same place users are already active and engaged.
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Billing + Upgrade Page

Drive upgrades by exposing features on higher plans
Compel customers to upgrade by showcasing new features and functionality they could be enjoying if they were on a higher pricing tier.

login page

Reach customers every
time they log in and out
Transform your login screen into a powerful channel to reach customers with news about features, updates, and anything else they need to know about.
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Support docs + help center

Embed updates where users go to learn about your product
Users already visit your support center to learn about things that have changed. Now you can up-level these docs with a relevant feed of product updates.


Make product momentum integral to your web presence
Showcase your product momentum directly in the footer of your website so that visitors on any page can see your latest and greatest improvements.
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