Private LaunchNotes Page

All the benefits of a LaunchNotes page,
now with controlled access

Keep the rest of your team, VIP customers, or any other private audience in the loop with what your product team is building
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Private LaunchNotes Page

Safely share product updates and roadmaps
Not every product announcement is applicable to everyone, and some roadmaps shouldn't be shared publicly. Give individual customers and clients access to a LaunchNotes page tailored specifically to them.


Get the benefits of a blog post in a fraction of the time
Announcements can be created in seconds, and were designed to be as short and punchy as you need. Drag and drop screenshots, videos, gifs, or whatever will convey maximum value to readers.
LaunchNotes categories
LaunchNotes custom views

Announcement Workflows

Put your product release comms process on autopilot
Announcement Workflows turn chaotic launch processes into simple, streamlined workflows. Create content, segment users, choose optimal notification channels, and measure engagement - all in one place.

Private roadmap

Keep everyone ahead of upcoming changes
Secure Roadmaps are the perfect way to give your most important customers a personalized window into what the product team is working on now and in the future.
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Categorize updates for easy organization and filtering
Categories are completely customizable, and were designed to map to the needs of any organization. Categorize updates by product, plan type, business unit, workstream - whatever suits your needs.


Let users customize which updates they want to receive
Powered by categories, users can subscribe to the updates they care about and ignore ones they don't. The result is hyper-targeted comms that cut through the noise and reach the right users, every time.
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LaunchNotes custom views

Custom Branding

Customize your page to be the perfect extension of your (or their) brand
Everything you do reflects your company's unique brand and voice, so every LaunchNotes Page comes ready, out-of-the-box, to be a perfect extension of both. Complete consistency, down to the last pixel.