How it works

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Centralize all product change in one channel
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LaunchNotes roadmaps help share pro-active product change with your teams and customers
Share your roadmap, publicly or privately
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Collect and prioritize customer feedback
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Segment users and send hyper-targeted comms
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Centralize all product change in a single channel

Bring your release notes, changelog, and what's new blog under one roof, and allow users to subscribe to receive updates on the things they care about.
"I've been in Product and Marketing for two decades and this is the exact tool I've been searching for that entire time."
LaunchNotes Page

Custom branding

Add logos, apply custom style sheets, and provide a branded experience from end to end

Custom domain

Host your LaunchNotes page on your own domain to build trust and ensure consistency

Custom categories

Create categories so users can filter by, and subscribe to, the updates they care about
LaunchNotes Roadmap

Due date projector

Set honest, accurate expectations without painting yourself into a corner

Subscriber management

Following a work item allows users to track the progress of pertinent work in flight

Announcement workflows

Turn any work item into an announcement with a click when it's ready to be released

Share customized roadmaps with targeted audiences

Keep everyone aligned and engaged by sharing product roadmaps publicly, with select customers, across internal teams, or any combination of the above.
"We’re in a competitive space and showcasing product momentum on our LaunchNotes roadmap is winning deals."

Prioritize product investments based on user feedback

Build a tighter feedback loop with customers, increase user engagement at every stage of the PDLC, and focus engineering resources where they count.
"Tying customer feedback directly to our roadmap and product announcements has been game-changing."
LaunchNotes Customer Feedback Manager

Sentiment analysis

Instantly understand what work users are most excited about, and what can wait

Roadmap feedback

Collect direct, contextual feedback on the features and functionality on your roadmap

Announcement feedback

Allow users to ask questions and leave feedback whenever you release something new
LaunchNotes Announcement Channels

Embeddable widget

Showcase updates in your app, on your login pages, or anywhere across your website

Branded emails

LaunchNotes emails see 50%+ open rates, as recipients know the content is always relevant

Deep Slack integration

Users who prefer to receive your product updates in Slack can do so with a single click

Get the right update to the right users, every time

Publish updates once and let LaunchNotes do the rest; whether it's by email, in Slack, or through an in-app widget, your update will reach the users who need to see it.
"LaunchNotes is like a blog, an email platform, and an in-app notification system in one."