LaunchNotes for Slack

The LaunchNotes Slack integration brings curated updates on upcoming product changes directly into the Slack channels where your teams live and work

The updates you need

Based on the relevant categories that each stakeholder across the business has subscribed to, LaunchNotes for Slack delivers curated and real-time updates about product change across your organization, ensuring no team or individual is ever out of sync.

At the fidelity you want

Unlike release channels that become an endless stream of technical jargon, LaunchNotes captures updates at the fidelity stakeholders in the business need to stay aligned. LaunchNotes for Slack not only delivers these updates in real-time, but pulls in related videos, screenshots, mock-ups, etc.

Without disrupting your daily workflow

LaunchNotes for Slack allows you to effortlessly discuss product updates with relevant stakeholders from within Slack. Ask questions, collaborate on unfinished work, and celebrate progress, all in the same tool where your team already lives and works every day.