Ensure you’re always prioritizing and planning the most impactful work

AI-Powered Customer Insights
Elevate feedback into ideas. Create an ongoing dialogue with your customers during product development, not just when something launches.
LaunchNotes custom views


A central home for all product ideation

One place to create and manage all your ideas, which can be made public to your subscribers, or remain private for internal teams. Each individual idea in the manager captures every instance of feedback, votes, and level of importance.

Public Ideas

Centralize all change comms and highlight product momentum

Take multiple points of similar feedback and group them into a single idea, and make it public to share back with your subscribers. This acknowledges you have received and considered their input, but you can shape the idea on your terms.

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4x our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted, meaningful communication
Brian elmi, vp of product
LaunchNotes custom views

PRivate Ideas

Selectively publish ideas you’re still polishing

Some ideas may not be ready for a broader audience. You’re in the driver’s seat to determine which ideas you make public and which ideas remain private, indefinitely, or until they’re ready for their big reveal.

Public Voting

Validate customer demand with a click

Enable voting and give your subscribers the opportunity to have their vote counted, as well as, view and track the total vote count. In turn, you get a better view into the popularity and demand for work you’re considering but have not committed to your roadmap.

LaunchNotes custom views


Be intentional about who’s prioritizing your roadmap

It’s your choice, when you enable voting, you can keep the vote count private and available only to your internal teams, giving you the opportunity to distinguish where and who input is coming from.