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public Roadmap

Set clear expectations and ensure no one is ever surprised by product change
Share your product roadmap with customers to build trust, loyalty, and excite users about new features they've been waiting for, and drive 2-3x higher engagement and adoption on launch day.

Public LaunchNotes Page

Centralize all change comms and highlight product momentum
Consolidate your changelog and 'what's new' blog to streamline your release process and give users one dedicated home to learn about, and subscribe to receive, updates on new features and functionality.
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Customer Feedback Manager

Collect customer feedback on feature development, product releases, and more
Give your customers a direct, contextual channel to reach you with questions or concerns about your product roadmap, new features you're building, or even recent product announcements you've made.

Email + Slack Announcements

Conveniently reach your customers where they already live and work
When subscribing to receive updates on certain categories, customers also select the preferred channel where they'd like to receive updates. Reach users over email, via Slack, in app, and more.
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SEcure roadmap + Secure launchnotes PAge

Safely share roadmaps and product updates with specific customers or clients
Reward VIP customers with the product visibility they expect and a personalized experience they'll love. Announcements, roadmaps, and feedback, can all be locked down to specific groups of your choosing.

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