Announcement Workflows

Shorten your launch process
from days to hours

Streamline your launch process and say goodbye to Google Doc mayhem, endless email chains, and expensive status meetings
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Draft Announcement

Create, collaborate on,
and fine-tune the perfect messaging - in one place
Every launch begins with great messaging, and Announcement Workflows allow you and your team to focus on the task that matters most. Craft the most impactful message, each and every release.

Choose Customer Channels

Segment users and reach them through their preferred channels
Sending targeted announcements shouldn't require CSV pulls, pivot tables, or a data scientist. Craft the perfect message, select the relevant categories, and let LaunchNotes notify your subscribers.
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Preview Announcement

Preview every detail on every channel so you can publish with confidence
No more tab hopscotch in your browser on launch day. LaunchNotes allows you to see and test your announcement in every channel from one place.

Measure success and impact

Immediately measure the impact of your launch
From the moment your announcement goes live, immediately monitor and share data on how it's performing, who is engaging, and whether or not your launch was successful or not.
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