LaunchNotes for Product Management

Built for product teams by a product team.

Build great teams, drive strategy at the portfolio level, and keep stakeholders aligned companywide.
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Product teams everywhere can struggle with the following:

  • Aligning product strategy with business strategy and outcomes.
  • Aligning priorities and timelines between Dev teams and customer-facing teams.
  • Distributing relevant product change information in a timely and relevant way to stakeholders that need it most, like marketing, sales, and customer success teams.
  • Communicating not just “what is being built” but providing the context of “why” a feature is being built.
  • Managing, filtering, and prioritizing customer feedback.
  • Keeping customers informed and engaged of what’s being built today, and tomorrow.

Why LaunchNotes

Coordinate on the most impactful work, communicate context and progress across your org, and ensure you’re always connected to the stakeholders that matter most.

Help ensure everyone in the organization comprehends the what, when, and why of the product roadmap for cross-functional alignment.

Turn every release into an opportunity for revenue growth by seamlessly aligning with GTM teams.

Empower customer-facing teams to relay feedback to the product team for a continuous loop of customer input that drives impactful features.

See how SpotOn boosted CSAT by 13% by standardizing their internal release readiness and enablement workflows

Melissa Edmonds
VP of Product Operations

The all-in-one platform product managers trust

Centralize product information for efficient communication, informed decisions, and collaborative teamwork for successful delivery.

Pixel for pixel product updates customization

  • Align to your brand identity and standards
  • Ensure every product update is consistent
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website

Centralize, filter, and analyze all your feedback in one place

  • Collect feedback at every stage of product development
  • Turn any piece of feedback into a two-way dialogue
  • Validate your feedback through multiple dimensions

Prioritize work and communicate with your customers along the way

  • Elevate feedback into idea groups
  • Promote ideas to the roadmap
  • Inform customers and stakeholders as product plans evolve and roadmap items progress

Beautiful, branded roadmaps for business at any scale

  • Present your exact brand experience - pixel-for-pixel - in all your product updates
  • Keep your customers in the loop with what you're building - now, next, and later
  • Equip teams with the information they need for their specific role

Announce product releases once to all your distribution channels

  • Publish a product update once and distribute to multiple channels
  • Reach your audience where they work every day
  • Select categories of interest for targeted comms to your team and customers

Product roadmaps that keep stakeholders aligned organization-wide

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to define product vision, prioritize features, and align on a clear roadmap for business value.

Roadmap reports

Email roadmap reports that can be customized by anyone on your team by date, roadmap item, roadmap stage change, and more.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Roadmap links

Easy-to-use, easier-to-access library of project links to documents and designs for each roadmap item - crucial information for context and coordination, complete with visual icons and titles.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Publishing controls

Give product and product ops leaders the ability to designate which stakeholders can see and engage with specific areas of each roadmap.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Promote to roadmap

Take an idea group and seamlessly move it to the roadmap, informing your most invested subscribers along the way of the status of their feedback to keep them in the loop.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Create a single source of truth for your product direction

Centralize product discovery and development updates, driving high-fidelity product communication, informed decisions, and a coordinated team effort.


Unleash the power of customer feedback and insights to innovate and inform and elevate your product development.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

CRM revenue data

Directly link feature prioritization to the revenue impact of feature requests from strategic accounts and VIP customers.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details


Group related feedback items into the container of an “idea” to better prioritize customers’ needs and requests.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

A product communication platform that works for every team

Centralize product information to enable efficient communication, informed decisions, and collaborative teamwork to deliver more successful products.
Build efficiency and scale across teams
Streamline coordination between product development and the rest of the organization.
  • Enhance coordination and communication
  • Drive transparency of work and accountaability
  • Enable alignment between product and GTM teams
Melissa Edmonds
VP of Product Operations @ SpotOn

See how SpotOn boosted CSAT by 13% by standardizing their internal readiness and enablement workflows.”

Drive effective GTM launch and maintenance
Communicate product updates and enhancements to internal teams and customers.
  • Targeted delivery of product evolution and updates
  • Capture the VOC and action it in GTM development & delivery
  • Track and report the impact of your product comms
OfficeRnD Logo next to a headshot of Spyri Karasavva
Mike Everts
Product Marketing @ OfficeRND

Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in engagement”

Improve team readiness and customer satisfaction
Prepare customer success teams for upcoming product changes.
  • Strengthen client relationships with proactive product comms
  • Enable enhanced onboarding and training
  • Enhanced customer feedback management
Quantive Logo next to a headshot of Jenny Herald
Jenny Herald
cpo @ Quantive

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I have additional questions, can I talk to someone on your team?

Absolutely! You can contact us here with any additional questions about the details of the LaunchNotes platform and offering: contact us

Does LaunchNotes integrate with existing project management tools?

Yes, LaunchNotes can seamlessly integrate with most existing tools and platforms through outbound webhooks.

Does LaunchNotes support the customization of release notifications, roadmaps, and communication templates?

Yes, LaunchNotes offers extensive customization options, allowing product managers to tailor release notifications and communication templates to match their brand's tone and style, ensuring a consistent brand and product for users.

What training and support does LaunchNotes provide for new users?

We offer comprehensive training and support for new and existing customers, including tutorials, documentation, and personalized onboarding sessions to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of LaunchNotes within your organization.

How does LaunchNotes ensure data security and privacy?

LaunchNotes prioritizes data security and privacy by implementing robust encryption measures, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR, ensuring that your data remains secure, confidential, and compliant. Learn more about our security posture here.

How can LaunchNotes facilitate collaboration between cross-functional teams?

LaunchNotes fosters collaboration by providing a centralized platform where cross-functional teams can easily access and contribute to release planning, feedback collection, and product communications, ensuring alignment and transparency throughout the product development lifecycle.