LaunchNotes for customer success

Product communications for sustained customer success

Transform support into success with the capabilities, workflows, and insights to drive customer relationships that go the distance.
Be among the best

Customer success teams can struggle with:

  • Aligning product offerings with customer expectations and business outcomes.
  • Synchronizing product development with customer success initiatives.
  • Delivering proactive and relevant communication of product changes to customers.
  • Communicating the context and rationale behind product features to enhance customer understanding and adoption.
  • Effectively managing and leveraging customer feedback to influence product priorities and improve the customer experience.
  • Proactively keeping customers engaged and informed about current and future product updates and enhancements.

Why LaunchNotes

Coordinate on the most impactful work, communicate context and progress across your org, and ensure you’re always connected to the stakeholders that matter most.

Bridge the gap between product development and customer experience for greater product adoption and use.

Communicate effectively with both internal teams and your customers, and make every product update an opportunity to drive engagement.

Gather, analyze, and submit customer feedback to turn insights into action for an improved the customer experience.

“LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.”

Jenny Herald
CPO @ Quantive

The ultimate platform for customer success

Streamline your customer success strategies with a platform that aligns product development with customer needs, ensuring effective communication and enhanced customer experiences.

Announce product releases once to all your distribution channels

  • Publish a product update once and distribute to multiple channels
  • Reach your audience where they work every day
  • Select categories of interest for targeted comms to your team and customers

Work prioritization tools to align with customer success goals

  • Elevate feedback into idea groups
  • Promote ideas to the roadmap
  • Inform customers and stakeholders as product plans evolve and roadmap items progress

Comprehensive feedback management for customer-driven insights

  • Gather and share customer feedback with Slack Control and Chrome Control
  • Gauge customer sentiment and identify trends to help prioritize
  • Drive continuous product improvement to deliver customer value.

Roadmap stage change notifications

  • Email notifications whenever a feature transitions from one roadmap stage to the next
  • Keep your team and customers in the loop - from customer updates to GTM enablement
  • Always be communicating your product progress

Pixel for pixel product communication customization

  • Align to your brand identity and standards
  • Ensure every product update is consistent
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website

Align customer insights with product development priorities

Integrate customer success strategies with the product team’s priorities, together enabling higher rates of customer satisfaction.


Group related feedback items into the container of an “idea” to better prioritize customers’ needs and requests.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Promote to roadmap

Seamlessly move a feature you’ve been considering to the roadmap, informing your most invested subscribers along the way to close the loop.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Roadmap stage change notifications

Notify stakeholders when a roadmap item transitions from one stage to another to keep your team and customers in the loop.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Integrate with other support and feedback management tools

Collect and centralize customer feedback, and turn customer requests and needs into product features that drive revenue impact.

Collect and submit feedback directly from Slack

Collect feedback from users in a fast, repeatable, reliable way which includes the context of the email address, author, content, and any other relevant details.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Collect feedback from anywhere on the web

Gather insights and feedback with LaunchNotes Control for Chrome for a more efficient, responsive, and customer-centric approach to feedback.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

CRM integrations for comprehensive customer insights

Directly link feature prioritization to the revenue impact of feature requests from strategic accounts and VIP customers.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Jira integration for greater collaboration across teams

Align LaunchNotes roadmap items with Jira issues to streamline collaboration between teams and keep work synchronized between the two platforms.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

A product communication platform that works for every team

Drive effective GTM launch and maintenance
Communicate product updates and enhancements to internal teams and customers.
  • Targeted delivery of product evolution and updates
  • Capture the VOC and action it in GTM development & delivery
  • Track and report the impact of your product comms
OfficeRnD Logo next to a headshot of Spyri Karasavva
Mike Everts
Product marketing @ OFficernd

Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in engagement.”

Build efficiency and scale across teams
Streamline coordination and communication of product development across the organization.
  • Accelerate product development time with dynamic roadmaps
  • Gather, filter, and prioritize customer feedback
  • Communicate product updates and priorities
Loom Logo next to a headshot of Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
vp of product @ Drata

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4x our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted meaningful, communication.”

Build efficiency and scale across teams
Communicate product updates and enhancements to internal teams and customers.
  • Enhance coordination and communication
  • Drive transparency of work and accountabilit
  • Enable alignment of product and GTM readiness
Melissa Edmonds
VP of product operations @ spoton

SpotOn boosted CSAT by 300% by standardizing their internal release readiness and enablement workflows.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How can LaunchNotes help us improve customer engagement and satisfaction with product updates?

LaunchNotes allows customer success teams to efficiently communicate product updates to cross-functional teams and to customers, keeping them all informed and engaged with current and future product updates and evolution.

How does LaunchNotes integrate with existing customer communication channels, such as email or in-app messaging?

Yes, LaunchNotes offers integrations with various communication channels and CRM platforms: Slack, Chrome, HubSpot, Salesforce, and other tools and platforms with our outbound webhooks.

Does LaunchNotes support the customization of release notifications, roadmaps, and communication templates?

Yes, LaunchNotes enables pixel-for-pixel customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance and messaging of your release notes and roadmaps to align with your brand identity.

What training and support does LaunchNotes provide for new users?

We offer comprehensive training and support for new and existing customers, including tutorials, documentation, and personalized onboarding sessions to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of LaunchNotes within your organization.

How does LaunchNotes handle feedback from customers regarding product updates?

LaunchNotes provides capabilities to gather feedback from customers directly within the platform and outside the platform with LaunchNotes Control for Slack and LaunchNotes Control for Chrome. You can collect comments, suggestions, and reactions from customers, and then filter and prioritize based on trends and sentiment.