Your product development process is unique. Your plan should be too.

We take pride in meeting every product org exactly where it is — in size, maturity, and need. As a part of your trial a member of our team will help craft a plan that's perfect for you.
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On average, our customers enjoy:


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new revenue per year


in annual churn prevention


cost savings a year


days saved

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This ROI is comprised of three components: cost-savings, churn prevention, and new business.
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Cost savings calculated using 1.2 days saved per week; product manager, product marketer, and product ops manager salaries based on Glassdoor averages
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Give your product org superpowers

  • VIP customer communications

  • 1-on-1 customer conversations

  • First class integrations

  • 360° feedback collection

  • Embedded announcement widget

  • Global role-based access controls

  • ARR visualization

  • Pixel-for-pixel customization

  • Executive-level analytics

  • AI-powered sentiment analysis

  • AI-powered topic modeling

  • AI-powered writing assistant

  • Enterprise-grade changelogs

  • Insights inbox and voting

  • Public & private roadmaps

  • Robust read & write API

  • Robust read & write API

  • User segmentation

& so much more

Feedback at scale

Collect and centralize feedback

  • Announcement feedback collector

  • Roadmap feedback collector

  • Ideas feedback collector

  • AI-powered sentiment analysis*

  • Conversations for feedback

  • Feedback inbox

  • Bulk feedback import

  • Subscriber info panels

  • Domain info panels

  • Launchnotes control for Slack*

AI-Powered Customer Insights

Surface insights and prioritize the right work

  • Idea manager

  • Published ideas

  • Private ideas

  • Ideas feedback collector

  • Voting

  • CRM revenue opportunity tracker

Interactive Roadmaps

Build and share interactive roadmaps

  • Public roadmaps

  • Feedback tracker

  • Private roadmaps

  • Customizable PDLC stage tracker

  • Delivery date tracker

  • Timeline of events

  • Subscriber tracker

Enterprise-grade changelog

Close the loop and drive growth

  • LaunchNotes page

  • Slack announcements

  • User segmentation

  • Pre-loaded launch template library

  • Embedded announcement widget

  • Customizable launch templates

  • Email announcements

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to automate manual and high-volume tasks across the product development lifecycle
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Writing assistant

Save hours by letting Bernie draft your content in seconds

Topic modeling

Save hours by letting Bernie draft your content in seconds

Sentiment Analysis

Save hours by letting Bernie draft your content in seconds

Ready to accelerate your product momentum?

Matt Hodges
VP of Marketing @ Loom

LaunchNotes has created the perfect tool for leveraging product momentum to grow your business.”

Quantive Logo next to a headshot of Jenny Herald
Jenny Herald
cpo @ Quantive

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.”

OfficeRnD Logo next to a headshot of Spyri Karasavva
Mike Everts
Product Marketing @ OfficeRnD

Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in engagement.

Loom Logo next to a headshot of Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
VP of Product @ Drata

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4X our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted, meaningful communication."

Stytch Logo next to a headshot of Spyri Karasavva
Spyri Karasavva
Growth @ STYTCH

Using LaunchNotes, Stytch saw a 91% open rate on its first product launch. And the platform keeps delivering, week after week."

Nick McDonald
Engineering Fellow @ Kandji

Branding is critical for Kandji and we’ve never been willing to sacrifice aesthetics. LaunchNotes finally allowed us to bring this same level of brand precision to our changelog with pixel-perfect detail."

Amplitude Logo next to a headshot of Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson
Director of Product @ Amplitude

LaunchNotes is way more than a branded changelog. It's a new channel to grow your business."

Correlated Logo next to a headshot of Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh

LaunchNotes is a personalized way to keep our users engaged throughout the entire product development lifecycle."

Max Andaker
Co-founder & CPO @ Coscreen

LaunchNotes has streamlined our release comms process by more than 30%. The value of this time savings is incalculable.”

Mike Collins

LaunchNotes not only helps accelerate new revenue growth, it’s key to stronger retention and expansion as well.”

The reviews speak for themselves

Support and Success built for the Enterprise

One of our core values is "Don't just deliver; delight!" In that spirit we have a world-class team standing by to go above and beyond for you, day in and day out.
Partner with us to develop plans that achieve your unique goals
Drive adoption with our training resources and best practices
Decrease time-to-value by leveraging our deep product expertise
Address future needs with proactive account & requirements planning

Strategize for success

Embark on your journey with our white-glove onboarding, the strategic first step in LaunchNotes' 4-phase pathway, uniquely crafted for enterprise success.

Accelerate outcomes

Unlock faster success by leveraging our deep product expertise, ensuring swift and optimal utilization of every feature to accelerate your time-to-value.

Enhance adoption

Boost user adoption effortlessly with our focused training resources and industry-leading best practices, ensuring optimal feature utilization and operational efficiency.

Proactive planning

Strategically address future needs through our proactive account and requirements planning, ensuring your operations are consistently aligned and future-proofed.

Support and Success built for the Enterprise

One of our core values is "Don't just deliver; delight!" In that spirit we have a world-class team standing by to go above and beyond for you, day in and day out.

100% combined CSAT score

Our customer support and success teams have a combined CSAT score of: 100%
*Rolling 60-day average based on customer feedback surveys

Enterprise-grade security

LaunchNotes employs best-in-class security tools and practices to ensure your most sensitive data is protected at all levels: company, infrastructure, and product
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SOC 2, Type II certified

LaunchNotes has undergone a Service Organization Controls audit and achieved its SOC 2, Type II certification. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to having the necessary controls in place to mitigate risks related to enterprise-grade security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
AICPA and SOC badge

Company security

Ensuring organizational integrity with rigorous security protocols.


LaunchNotes maintains strict role-based access control across all our internal and external systems. Access to all critical services requires SSO or multi-factor authentication where...

External audits

LaunchNotes conducts an annual independent audit of policies and procedures, including: Information Security, Third-Party Risk Management, Business Continuity, Incident Response, and End-User Data and Privacy Policy.

Risk assessments

LaunchNotes conducts regular risk assessments to gain an accurate and thorough understanding of the potential risks to security, availability, and privacy in our products and services.

Vulnerability scans

LaunchNotes engages with trusted third parties to complete network and application vulnerability scans on a regular basis.

Penetration tests

LaunchNotes performs internal vulnerability scans continuously to identify, prioritize, and remediate potential system vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure security

Safeguarding data with rigorous privacy and encryption standards


LaunchNotes is committed to compliance with all applicable national, regional, and data privacy laws.

External audits

LaunchNotes conducts an annual external independent audit — penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and information security.

Audit logs

LaunchNotes collects audit trails, covering every write operation in the LaunchNotes ecosystem.

Data encryption

LaunchNotes encrypts all data, both at rest (AES-256-GCM) and in transit (TLS 1.2).

Product security

Authenticate in the way that best suits your company's needs and priorities


The industry standard for securely enabling users to access multiple apps with a single set of credentials.


LaunchNotes supports the industry-standard SAML 2.0 protocol to help you authenticate your users using an external identity provider.


A digital handshake that allows authenticated users in one application to access a second application.

Magic links

Enjoy the convenience of one-click access while maintaining security by eliminating the need for passwords and reducing the risk of credential-based attacks.


LaunchNotes provides built-in roles and permissions for your team members to ensure that access to information is on a need-to-know basis only.


Customized, white-gloved support for your particular needs, team, and processes


LaunchNotes ensures active-active availability, improving recovery times and providing access to second availability zones.


We continuously monitor the platform and post real-time updates to our public status page.

Business continuity

We have documented and implemented a business continuity plan that we activate and follow in the event of disruptions.