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LaunchNotes was built by three people who have collectively spent over 25 years in the software industry. In this time, the three of us have been on almost every side of the software development process: Engineering, Support, Marketing, Growth, and Sales.

Through these various lenses, we've seen firsthand that building successful products takes far more than just fast delivery times and increased uptime. More code into the hands of customers is a fantastic outcome, but not at the cost of a subpar customer experience.

We built LaunchNotes to enable entire organizations to move at the same speed as their dev teams, no matter how fast those teams may be shipping software. Imagine the elevated user experience when entire organizations move synchronously together, at speed. When every team across the business has the information they need to regularly surprise and delight customers.

LaunchNotes delivers a solution that helps organizations do exactly this. It provides the right updates to the right people at the right time so that no one, internally or externally, is ever surprised by product changes, and everyone gets the full intended value out of every release.

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Just want to talk shop? We'd love to hear from you anytime: hey [at] launchnotes.io. Want to see LaunchNotes in action? Check out our team's public release stream: updates.launchnotes.io.

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The team behind LaunchNotes

Tyler Davis headshot

Tyler Davis

Co-founder & CEO


Having sat on both sides of the aisle (sales / marketing and product / engineering), Tyler has seen first-hand how challenging it can be to find a common ground where everyone can speak about technology effectively. He's incredibly passionate learning how teams at scale are working together to build better customer experiences.

Tony Ramirez headshot

Tony Ramirez

Co-founder & CPO


Tony has worn all the hats at a variety of hardware and software companies over the past eight years. Today, he finds himself most passionate about building software products that solve human problems. As such, Tony sees the opportunity to help build LaunchNotes as a dream come true. If you're passionate about the product development process or ever want to share your own experiences managing product change, he'd love to hear from you: tony [at] launchnotes.io

Jake Brereton headshot

Jake Brereton

Co-founder & COO


Jake has spent over a decade building and scaling GTM teams and acquisition engines, from startups to publicly traded companies. As Head of Marketing for Jira at Atlassian, his team supported 30+ PMs and their respective workstreams. Over time, with the increase in speed and volume of software being shipped, staying ahead of the curve on release comms became nearly impossible. When the opportunity to be a part of the solution arose, he seized it.

Michael Simmons headshot

Michael Simmons

Sr. Customer Success Manager


Michael’s biggest claim to fame is that he was Atlassian’s first Sales Development Rep — a title he still holds to this day. However, Michael's passion for working with customers goes far beyond Sales, and over the years he's worn multiple Business Development and Customer Success hats. Michael is proud to represent a company that puts its customers first, and furthermore a business that helps each of these customers create more delightful experiences for their users.

Tyler Davis headshot

Michelle Lamont

Product Designer


Michelle is a multidisciplinary designer who has fallen in love with creating thoughtful user experiences at small SaaS startups. As a former medical illustrator, she is fiercely passionate about data-driven design and leveraging research to deliver beautiful, intuitive, and delightful products. Michelle is thrilled to be working at a company that champions usability and excited to create the best possible experience for teams communicating critical product changes.

Matt Hamrick headshot

Matt Hamrick

Engineering Lead


Matt has spent his career helping small companies grow, and is passionate about building the products, teams, and processes that enable these companies to scale as they do so. A software engineer by trade, Matt's also held the title of Product Owner, Engineering Manager, and QA Engineer. In each of these roles he's seen firsthand how vital it is that internal teams stay aligned and in sync with the product development process, and he's excited to help build a solution to this problem.

Michael Simmons headshot

Bryce Holcomb

Software Engineer


A recovering financial analyst and self-taught coder, Bryce has been working and enamored with startups since his undergrad years. Following a brief stint in wealth management after college, Bryce spent the next six years knee-deep in software development, building everything from labor marketplaces to legal tech to business intelligence tools. Having experienced the pain of poor product change comms this entire time, he is particularly passionate about building an effective and elegant solution.

Michael Simmons headshot

Blake Ziolkowski



Having spent the first 8.5 years of his career in GTM positions at a variety of SaaS companies, Blake has experienced firsthand the pain when customer-facing teams aren't properly aligned with their own PDLC. After recognizing this problem wasn't unique to teams and companies he worked with, Blake became enamored with the change communication space, and how to solve this problem. He believes LaunchNotes is not another tool, but a key that unlocks a new super-power for teams everywhere.

Our investors and advisors

We're fortunate to have the investment, support, and guidance of the industry's best.


Aileen Lee headshot

Aileen Lee

Founder & Managing Partner


Jason Caplain headshot

Jason Caplain

General Partner


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David Jones headshot

David Jones

General Partner


Eric Wittman headshot

Eric Wittman

Chief Growth Officer,
JLL Technologies


Lin-Hua Wu headshot

Lin-Hua Wu

Chief Communications
Officer, Dropbox


Scot Wingo headshot

Scot Wingo

Co-Founder & CEO, Spiffy


Steve Klein headshot

Steve Klein

Co-Founder, Statuspage


Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan headshot


VP Product, LinkedIn


Tim Chen headshot

Tim Chen

General Partner, Essence Ventures


Amanda Robson headshot

Amanda Robson




Al Lieb headshot

Al Lieb

Co-Founder of Evite,
ClearSlide, and Gixo


Dan Chuparkoff headshot

Dan Chuparkoff

Product Lead,
Google Cloud


Matt Hodges headshot

Matt Hodges

VP Marketing, Loom