We enable companies to build standardized processes for internal release readiness and enablement at scale

We understand what it takes to develop a product, so we set out to make a platform to keep everyone in the loop in a seamless way
Be among the best

At LaunchNotes, we're all about making the communication and coordination between product teams and their GTM counterparts and customers super smooth, more efficient, and wildly engaging. We aim to get everyone on the same page, working together easily, and knowing what's up. Our goal? To make sharing product change a breeze, boost teamwork and alignment, and keep everyone in the loop - because when everyone knows what's going on, we all win!


Don’t just deliver; delight!

We exist for and because of our customers and seek out daily opportunities to delight them. Going above and beyond is our default.

Open doors

Approachability—among our team, for our customers, and throughout the product—empowers everyone and is an unstoppable competitive advantage.

Seek first to understand

Pride is concerned with who is right, humility is concerned with what is right. The combination of high competency and low ego leads to remarkable outcomes.

Struggle together, win together

We fail fast and learn quickly, and always as a team. We are all owners equally responsible for the success of one another, our customers, our product, and our business.

Always be celebrating

Behind every great achievement is a collection of individual contributions worthy of recognition. We value these contributions, and the individuals behind each, as much as the result.

Leadership Team

Jake Brereton headshot
Jake Brereton
Co-Founder & COO
Tyler Davis
Co-Founder & CEO
Adam Wardlow
Director of Product Marketing
Sal Sodano
Head of Engineering
Evan Michner
VP of Product & Design

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LaunchNotes looks to transform how software product teams communicate changes to customers

LaunchNotes helps companies better communicate their software updates

LaunchNotes raises a $1.8M seed round to help companies communicate their software updates

Our story

The founding team of LaunchNotes brings together over 20 years of collective experience in the software industry, spanning various aspects of the product development lifecycle, including Engineering, Support, Marketing, Growth, and Sales.
While rapid software delivery and enhanced uptime are vital, we’ve learned from experience that building a successful product, and consequently a successful business, demands much more. Ensuring robust code reaches customers is crucial, but this must not compromise an exceptional customer experience.
LaunchNotes was developed to empower entire organizations to align with their development teams, regardless of the software delivery pace. Envision a heightened user experience that emerges from having a singular system of record for every product change. This is a unified tool that ensures all teams, both technical and non-technical, remain in sync, even when software updates are dispatched multiple times a day.
‍Designed to consistently provide customer-facing teams with the resources they need to excel and continuously delight customers, LaunchNotes ensures that the right updates reach the right people at precisely the right time, preventing any surprises from product changes for anyone, internally or externally.
It serves as a comprehensive platform where everyone can find the vital information and context they need about product changes - past, present, and future.
If you have questions, thoughts, or feedback, or just want to talk shop, we’re always here to listen at hey@launchnotes.com. Explore our team's public release stream and see LaunchNotes in action at updates.launchnotes.com.



Tim Chen

  • Managing Partner, Essence Ventures
  • Former Founder & CEO, Hyperpilot

Lin-Hua Wu

  • VP Comms & Public Affairs, Google
  • Former CCO, Dropbox

Eric Wittman

  • President, VSCO
  • Former GM, Atlassian

Steve Klein

  • Co-Founder, Statuspage

Scot Wingo

  • Co-Founder & CEO, Spiffy
  • Former CEO, ChannelAdvisor

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

  • VP Product, LinkedIn

Jay Simons

  • General Partner, BOND Capital
  • Former President, Atlassian

Nick Mehta

  • CEO, Gainsight

Sri Viswanath

  • Managing Director, Coatue
  • Former CTO, Atlassian

Leighanne Levensaler

  • EVP of Corporate Strategy & Head of Workday Ventures, Workday

Viral Bajaria

  • Co-Founder & CTO, 6sense

Akash Garg

  • VP Engineering, Block
  • Former Director of Engineering, Uber

Sean Regan

  • Global Head of Product Marketing, Atlassian

Steve Elliott

  • Founder & CEO, AgileCraft

Paul Slade

  • Head of Platform Engineering, Atlassian

Daniel Liem

  • Co-Founder, Gentrace
  • Former Investor, Obvious Ventures

Stella Garber

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Hoop
  • Former Head of Marketing, Trello

Shamit Patel

  • VP Product, Instawork
  • Former Group PM, Uber

Laura Spiekerman

  • Co-Founder & CRO, Alloy


Al Lieb

  • Co-Founder of Evite, ClearSlide, and Gixo

Matt Hodges

  • Head of Product Marketing Craft, Atlassian
  • Former SVP Marketing, Loom & Intercom

Dan Chuparkoff

  • Product Lead, Google Cloud

Jim Stoneham

  • Partner, SignalFire
  • Former CMO, Stripe & New Relic