LaunchNotes for product operations

Elevate operational excellence by unlocking team synergy

Maximize cross-functional teams' efforts with a product communication platform designed to align product development and delivery with GTM readiness and success.
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Product operations teams often face challenges like:

  • Managing the successful development, deployment, and ongoing support of products.
  • Wrangling priorities and timelines across teams and departments.
  • Establishing and optimizing processes that enable timely product development without sacrificing quality.
  • Aligning scope, resources, and delivery dates with GTM teams and investments.
  • Communicating the right fidelity and frequency of progress to the organization.
  • Tracking and reporting KPIs on progress and areas of improvement.

Why LaunchNotes

Coordinate on the most impactful work, communicate context and progress across your org, and ensure you’re always connected to the stakeholders that matter most.

Drive a comprehensive understanding of the product vision and plan, aligning everyone on not just “what” is being built, but the context of “why” it's being built.

Bridge the gap between product releases and launches, so every time you ship, your product evolution is supported with aligned strategies and messaging.

Equip customer-facing teams with an efficient way to gather feedback, and establish a virtuous cycle of customer input to inform feature development and product impact.

“LaunchNotes has enabled us to build a standardized process for internal release readiness and enablement at scale.”

Melissa Edmonds
VP of Product Operations

Optimize the product development and product communication workflow for operational success.

Elevate your product operations with a centralized platform to manage product information, streamline communication, and cultivate collaboration and effective decision-making.

Mission control for product operations

  • Drive alignment and collaboration throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • A centralized hub for product discovery, development, and delivery
  • Drive efficient operations with a unified platform for communicating product evolution

Prioritization tools for operational efficiency

  • Prioritize initiatives with confidence based on feedback, goals, and business priorities
  • Drive alignment and focus resources on high-impact initiatives for maximum results
  • Inform customers and stakeholders as product plans evolve and roadmap items progress

Unlock value with comprehensive feedback management

  • Capture insights from customers, internal stakeholders, and market trends
  • Enable informed decision-making and continuous improvement
  • Harness the power of feedback to drive innovation and enhance product impact

Product communication workflows for team alignment

  • Ensure seamless coordination between product development, marketing, sales, and customer support teams
  • Facilitate collaboration and drive success at every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Drive consistency and process predictability across product lines and product teams

Security protocols for start-ups to the enterprise

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your valuable data
  • Maintain operational safeguards against potential threats and risks
  • Make access and use easy and reliable for approved users, and impossible for bad actors

Align and engage stakeholders with operational clarity

Enhance team collaboration by ensuring that product vision and feature prioritization are informed by and contribute to business objectives and outcomes.

Customizable announcement templates

Preloaded template library and the option to create custom templates for consistent product release updates across multiple product lines and teams.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Roadmap reports

Email roadmap reports that can be customized by anyone on your team by date, roadmap item, roadmap stage, and more.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Roadmap stage change notifications

Email notifications whenever a roadmap item transitions from one stage to another to keep your team and customers in the loop.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Publishing permissions

Build publishing workflows to increase efficiency and speed-to-market without sacrificing the governance larger organizations require.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

A central hub for product operations

Optimize your time, resources, and activities while enabling informed decision-making and a collaborative, highly transparent environment.

In-depth feedback analysis

Unleash the power of insights to innovate and elevate your product discovery and development.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Idea management and prioritization

Group related feedback items into the container of an “idea” to better prioritize customers’ needs and requests.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

CRM revenue data analysis

Directly link feature prioritization to the revenue impact of feature requests from strategic accounts and VIP customers.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Account snapshots for operational awareness

Immediate insights from a snapshot of a subscriber or domain panel with a timeline view, history of feedback, subscriptions, and sentiment analysis.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

A product communication platform that works for every team

Centralize product information to enable efficient communication, informed decisions, and collaborative teamwork to deliver more successful products.
Drive effective GTM launch and maintenance
Communicate product updates and enhancements to internal teams and customers.
  • Targeted delivery of product evolution and updates
  • Capture the VOC and action it in GTM development & delivery
  • Track and report the impact of your product comms
OfficeRnD Logo next to a headshot of Spyri Karasavva
Mike Everts
Product marketing @ OFficernd

Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in  engagement.”

Build efficiency and scale across teams
Streamline coordination and communication of product development across the organization.
  • Accelerate product development time with dynamic roadmaps
  • Gather, filter, and prioritize customer feedback
  • Communicate product updates and priorities
Loom Logo next to a headshot of Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
vp of product @ Drata

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4x our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted meaningful, communication.”

Improve team readiness and customer satisfaction
Prepare customer success teams for upcoming product changes.
  • Strengthen client relationships with proactive product comms
  • Enable enhanced onboarding and training
  • Enhanced customer feedback management
Quantive Logo next to a headshot of Jenny Herald
Jenny Herald
cpo @ Quantive

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LaunchNotes offer a free trial to test drive the service?

We do not currently offer a self-serve trial but can set you up with a pilot account after a quick discovery call with one of our product specialists: contact us

What are the pricing plans for LaunchNotes?

Pricing is based on the needs of the account. We’d be more than happy to connect with you to understand your needs better and provide you with a quote that meets those needs: contact us

Does LaunchNotes integrate with existing project management and marketing tools?

Yes, LaunchNotes can seamlessly integrate with most existing tools and platforms through outbound webhooks: Learn more.

What training and support does LaunchNotes provide for new users?

We offer comprehensive training and support for new and existing customers, including tutorials, documentation, and personalized onboarding sessions to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of LaunchNotes within your organization.

How does LaunchNotes ensure data security and privacy?

LaunchNotes prioritizes data security and privacy by implementing robust encryption measures, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR, ensuring that your data remains secure, confidential, and compliant. Learn more about our security posture here.