LaunchNotes for Product Marketing

Make the most of every product moment

Harness the power of your entire, cross-functional team with an end-to-end solution for enterprise-ready product communications.
Be among the best

In the dynamic world of product marketing, you're tasked with:

  • Bridging the gap between product development and customer expectations.
  • Synchronizing marketing strategies with product development timelines.
  • Efficiently distributing product updates and changes to key stakeholders, including sales teams, customer success teams, and customers.
  • Crafting compelling narratives that explain the 'why' behind each product feature.
  • Effectively managing and utilizing customer feedback for feature development and product messaging.
  • Actively engaging and informing customers about upcoming product developments.

Why LaunchNotes

Coordinate on the most impactful work, communicate context and progress across your org, and ensure you’re always connected to the stakeholders that matter most.

Intersect product strategy and GTM launches and to harmonize marketing efforts with the product development and delivery stages.

Create compelling narratives and transform every product update into a storytelling opportunity.

Gather, filter, and prioritize customer feedback to craft marketing messages that speak directly to your audience.

“Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in engagement.

Mike Everts
Product Marketing @ OfficeRnD

The ultimate platform for product marketers

Streamline and standardize your GTM workflow with a platform that aligns product development and marketing strategies for effective, comprehensive, and on schedule GTM launches.

Pixel for pixel product communication customization

  • Align to your brand identity and standards
  • Ensure every product update is consistent
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website

Roadmap stage change notifications

  • Email notifications whenever a feature transitions from one roadmap stage to the next
  • Keep your team and customers in the loop - from customer updates to GTM enablement
  • Always be communicating your product progress

Feedback synthesis for market-driven insights

  • Collect feedback at every stage of product development
  • Turn any piece of feedback into a two-way dialogue
  • Validate every piece of feedback through multiple dimensions

Announce product releases once to all your distribution channels

  • Publish a product update once and distribute to multiple channels
  • Reach your audience where they work every day
  • Select categories of interest for targeted comms to your team and customers

Template library for consistent product updates

  • Pre-loaded template library to get up and running fast
  • Build custom templates once for ongoing consistent communications
  • Design templates with custom formatting and multi-media files

Synchronize product and marketing strategies

Seamlessly integrate product vision with market trends and customer expectations, ensuring your marketing efforts are always on point and impactful.

Real-time updates when you commit to build a feature

Seamlessly move a feature you’ve been considering to the roadmap, informing your most invested subscribers along the way to close the loop.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Customer-facing roadmaps

Roadmaps that are easy to read and follow with all the context your customers need to track the progress they’re most invested in.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Roadmap reports

Email roadmap reports that can be customized by anyone on your team by date, roadmap item, roadmap stage change, and more.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Product comms that enable start-up agility with enterprise consistency

Release communications that make small teams look big and enable enterprise teams to present a coordinated and consistent experience across product lines.

Publishing permissions

Build publishing workflows to increase efficiency and speed-to-market without sacrificing the governance larger organizations require.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Comprehensive subscriber analytics dashboards

Robust dashboard to track, measure, and report on comms performance, feedback trends, subscriber movements, and more.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

AI-assisted announcement content creation

Transform unstructured technical content into beautiful announcement drafts or roadmap items in seconds.
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

Release links

Include links to documents, designs, and planning materials directly within any announcement
See the LaunchNotes announcement for details

A product communication platform that works for every team

Centralize product information to enable efficient communication, informed decisions, and collaborative teamwork to deliver more successful products.
Build efficiency and scale across teams
Streamline coordination between product development and the rest of the organization.
  • Enhance coordination and communication
  • Drive transparency of work and accountability
  • Enable alignment of product development and GTM readiness
Melissa Edmonds
VP of Product Operations @ SpotOn

See how SpotOn boosted CSAT by 13% by standardizing their internal readiness and enablement workflows.”

Build efficiency and scale across teams
Streamline coordination and communication of product development across the organization.
  • Accelerate product development time with dynamic roadmaps
  • Gather, filter, and prioritize customer feedback
  • Communicate product updates and priorities
Loom Logo next to a headshot of Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
vp of product @ Drata

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4x our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted meaningful, communication.”

Improve team readiness and customer satisfaction
Prepare customer success teams for upcoming product changes.
  • Strengthen client relationships with proactive product comms
  • Enable enhanced onboarding and training
  • Enhanced customer feedback management
Quantive Logo next to a headshot of Jenny Herald
Jenny Herald
cpo @ Quantive

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I have additional questions, can I talk to someone on your team?

Absolutely! You can contact us here with any additional questions about the details of the LaunchNotes platform and offering: contact us

What makes LaunchNotes different from other changelog tools?

LaunchNotes offers a platform that supports and enables product communications across the entire product development lifecycle, from easy-to-use feedback management to dynamic roadmaps to a modern changelog - helping you communicate your product evolution and momentum.

Does LaunchNotes offer a free trial to test drive the service?

We do not currently offer a self-serve trial but can set you up with a pilot account after a quick discovery call with one of our product specialists: contact us

What training and support does LaunchNotes provide for new users?

We offer comprehensive training and support for new and existing customers, including tutorials, documentation, and personalized onboarding sessions to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of LaunchNotes within your organization.

What are the pricing plans for LaunchNotes?

Pricing is based on the needs of the account. We’d be more than happy to connect with you to better understand your needs and provide you with a quote that meets those needs: contact us