Launch Analytics

One dedicated home for product change
means one real-time analytics dashboard

The days of jumping between five different tools to collect and analyze data on how your launch performed are over
LaunchNotes Email Analytics

Email Analytics

See who and how many engage with your emails
The average LaunchNotes customer not only enjoys a 50%+ open rate, but also the ability to watch those opens occur in real-time on their analytics dash.

Visitor Analytics

Monitor traffic and viewership in real-time
At the end of the day it's all about readership and engagement, and LaunchNotes measures both without you having to lift a finger.
LaunchNotes Visitor Analytics
LaunchNotes Customer Feedback Analytics

Customer Feedback Analytics

Get a qualitative and quantitative perspective
Because the best PMs and PMMs know that proper analysis involves a mixture of both data-driven and anecdotal feedback, LaunchNotes collects both.