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First-class integrations for Jira, Confluence, and Loom

Bridge the gap between where work happens and where it's communicated

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AI Writing Assistant

Automatically draft LaunchNotes in seconds without ever leaving Jira
  • Take the context from any group of issues and draft a beautiful, tailored product update with a click.

  • Select any issue fields for the AI to use when drafting announcements - summaries, descriptions, even custom fields.

  • Customize the AI to match your brand style guide and voice.

Roadmap Sync

Keep every stakeholder fully informed and aligned on the status of your team’s work in Jira
  • Create or connect a LaunchNotes roadmap item from any task, issue, epic, or initiative.

  • Control LaunchNotes roadmap attributes like stage, owner, category, and projected due date.

  • Connect multiple Jira issues to a LaunchNotes roadmap item.


Publish to Confluence

Bridge the gap between where work happens and where it's communicated
  • Communicate high-fidelity LaunchNotes updates directly to any Confluence space.

  • Publish to your LaunchNotes page, send notifications, and cross-post to Confluence all in a single click.

  • No tool switching or context switching required.


Loom for Announcements

Replace static hero images with engaging, personalized, and collaborative Loom videos
  • Transform your product updates into an immersive communication experience.

  • Loom goes everywhere LaunchNotes goes - changelog, email, Slack, and RSS feed.

  • Tell the story your way - personality included.

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