Create effortless alignment and efficiency between all your teams.

Achieve unified product, marketing and revenue team collaboration with dynamic roadmaps and tailored workflows.
Mockup of the LaunchNotes roadmap page in the app

Coordinate with your teams

One roadmap to rule them all

Eliminate silos and unify your teams around a single product roadmap. Share public or private views so everyone has access to the information they need.
image of three people working on a problem together with abstracted UI elements of roadmap items overlayed on top.
Brown haired woman smiling at her computer with abstracted UI of the announcement dashboard features overlayed on top.

Context is king for GTM magic

Give your marketing, sales, and support teams the context and timing they need to launch award-winning campaigns, delight customers, and surpass sales goals. Visual timelines, assigned owners, linked resources, and flexible dates provide the perfect context.
  • Team member for roadmap items
  • Roadmap item links
  • Roadmap publishing controls

Boundless roadmap customization for the different needs of different audiences

Tailor roadmap content, fidelity, and visibility, to meet the needs of all of your audiences, both internal and external - at scale. Limit or expand access, control the content and level of detail to equip all your teams and customers with the information they need to succeed.
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Jenny Herald
CPO @ Quantive

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication. It amplifies new functionality while shining a well deserved light on the builders behind the scenes.


Rich, contextual feedback at every stage of product development.


Send the right message to the right stakeholder at the right time, every time.