Send the right message to the right stakeholder at the right time, every time

Standardize, align, monetize, and amplify your product communications at every stage.
Two screenshots, one of the announcement workflow page, and one of the announcement dashboard

Announcement templates

Enable product teams and GTM communicators with custom templates to simplify the communication process.

Publishing permissions

Ensure any announcements and roadmap item drafted by contributors receives admin approval before publication.

Release scheduling

Establish a consistent and predictable cadence for product announcements, keeping both internal teams and customers informed about everything from Tier 1 feature launches to bug fixes.


Precision delivery of product communications based on the topics and areas of interest your audience are most interested in.

Make every release a revenue opportunity

Effectively and consistently communicating product change is key to driving feature awareness and education, to drive adoption, usage, and ultimately business value.
With LaunchNotes, teams can share polished, branded release notes and changelog announcements in the preferred channels of their customers - email, in-app, RSS feed, Slack - reaching stakeholders directly in the platforms they already use.
  • External changelog

  • ESP Integrations

  • In-app widget notification

  • Slack & RSS integrations

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Amplify your product and reinforce your brand

Ensure your product communications consistently reflect your brand across the critical product channels: changelog, release notes, roadmap, in-app announcements.

mockup of a LaunchNotes' changelog page with one side no styling and the other side with LaunchNotes branding.

External changelog

Ensure one of your most important product communication channel precisely mirrors your brand look and feel for a cohesive presentation down to the smallest detail.

Branded emails

Ensures your product communication emails meticulously reflect your brand's aesthetic and identity.

Branded widget

Seamlessly embed our in-app widget, designed for product notifications delivered directly in your app.

Internal changelog

Provide a regular flow of updates on product development to ensure cross-functional teams - sales, marketing, and support - are consistently informed about progress.
A man with short hair looking up and talking to a woman with overlayed UI a drafted announcement.

Rich media in announcements

Detailed announcements complete with Looms, videos, high-fidelity screenshots for showcasing and educating on feature enhancements and functionality.
  • Email Support

  • Email Support

  • Email Support

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Precision-delivery of product communications and updates based on your audience preferences and interests.
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Team members for roadmap items

Assign owner and multiple team members to roadmap items, enabling clear accountability, simplified collaboration, and enhanced visibility on progress.
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Ready to accelerate your product momentum?

Patrick Thompson
Director of Product

LaunchNotes is way more than a branded changelog. It's a new channel to grow your business.

Max Andaker
Co-Founder & CEO

LaunchNotes has streamlined our release comms process by more than 30%. The value of this time savings is incalculable.

Diana Hsieh
Co-Founder & Head of Product

LaunchNotes is a personalized way to keep our users engaged throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Brian Elmi
VP of Product

LaunchNotes has allowed us to 4X our cadence of updates and regularly delight customers with targeted, meaningful communication.

Nick McDonald
Engineering Fellow

Branding is critical for Kandji and we’ve never been willing to sacrifice aesthetics. LaunchNotes finally allowed us to bring this same level of brand precision to our changelog with pixel-perfect detail.

Matt Hodges
VP of Marketing

LaunchNotes has created the perfect tool for leveraging product momentum to grow your business.

Mike Everts
Product Marketing

Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in engagement.

Jenny Herald

LaunchNotes is the new gold standard in customer communication.

Mike Collins
SVP Strategic Partnerships

LaunchNotes not only helps accelerate new revenue growth, it’s key to stronger retention and expansion as well.

Spyri Karasavva

Using LaunchNotes, Stytch saw a 91% open rate on its first product launch. And the platform keeps delivering, week after week.

The reviews speak for themselves
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