Rich, contextual feedback at every stage of product development

Accelerate product discovery and development as you gather and synthesize feedback across departments and with every customer account.
Mockup of the LaunchNotes feedback inbox page in the app

Collect feedback at every stage of the dev cycle

Gather feedback at every step - from your roadmap and release notes to your changelog and website, we make it easy to capture valuable insights to enhance your product and customer journey.
  • Roadmap feedback collector
  • Changelog feedback collector
  • Ideas feedback
  • LaunchNotes Control for Slack
Photo of two professional women at a table discussing a topic in front of a beautiful backdrop with UI elements of roadmap items.

Turn static feedback into rich dialogue

Engage directly with individual stakeholders via chat or email to clarify feedback, fine-tune feature requests, and build 1:1 relationships with your customers.
Large screenshot of the 1:1 customer conversation feature in LaunchNotes against a space background.

Validate ideas through multiple dimensions

Transform your concepts into concrete realities by assessing them across diverse perspectives.
  • Voting
  • CRM revenue data
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Topic modeling

Close the loop and drive higher engagement

Close the loop

Enable a smooth transition of ideas to roadmap items and keeps subscribers informed about the impact and progress of their feedback in product development.

Beta lists

Plan and coordinate beta releases with built-in lists of interested beta testers, and direct channels for 1:1 engagement, communication, and learning.

Announcement emails

Integrations with all the top ESPs ensure product and feature notifications align with your brand guidelines and meet customer expectations.

Slack announcements

Deliver product and feature updates directly into a dedicated Slack channel.
Matt Hodges
VP of Marketing @ Loom

LaunchNotes has created the perfect tool for leveraging product momentum to grow your business.


Send the right message to the right stakeholder at the right time, every time.


Create a seamless transition between product development.