The 9 Best Podcasts for Product Managers

Product management is fast-paced. With new product launches, updates, and got-to-market strategies [GTMs] happening regularly, product managers need easy access to resources that keep them up to date with the latest product marketing strategies and tactics. 

To help, we’ve compiled 9 of the best podcasts for product managers and product leaders that will help both seasoned professionals and those early on the career ladder learn new skills and hear from product folks who’ve driven successful results in their companies.


1. The Product Podcast

Host: Product School

The Product Podcast serves up must-hear insights and knowledge for product managers with contributions from leaders at Google, Facebook, and Amazon. 

The Product Podcast has been running for ten seasons, with each season focusing on a different topic. For example, season 10 is all about women in product and features “women at the top of their game working in senior and executive roles at tech companies like Webflow, Airbnb, and PayPal.” Season 8 hones in on “the realities of leadership in product.”

Earlier episodes dive deep into conversations with technology leaders and product managers from companies including Spotify, Forbes, and Twitch, along with seeking to understand the impact of AI on product development. 

The Product Podcast is suitable for people new to product management and advanced PMs, so there's something for everyone, no matter what career stage you’re at. 

2. The Product Momentum Podcast

Hosts: Sean Flaherty and Paul Gebel

The Product Momentum Podcast provides practical advice for product managers from real-world experts. The podcast focuses on product management topics such as idea validation, user research, customer feedback, and stakeholder collaboration. They also explore topics related to digital transformation, product discovery, customer onboarding, and customer support.

“The Product Momentum Podcast is a favorite of Lisa Dietrich, a marketer at Girokonto based in Germany. She says, “My favorite segment is when successful product managers from various tech companies worldwide are interviewed. He asks them about their biggest challenges during their time in product management and what tips they can offer for aspiring PMs.”

Lisa says, “I think people in any stage of their product management career can get value out of this podcast — whether they’re just starting out or already experienced. The episodes feature an eclectic mix of guests that cover many different aspects of product management, so anyone will find something useful here.”

3. The LaunchNotes Podcast

Host: Blake Thorne

The LaunchNotes Podcast is designed to help product managers, product marketers, and product ops pros grow their products and careers. Featuring in-depth discussions with product professionals out in the field building and shipping, The Launchnotes Podcast dives deep on topics such as how to develop an all-star remote product team, making the transition from individual contributor to product leadership, and the path to finding product-market fit. 

A new episode drops every few days, making this the ideal podcast to keep up-to-date with everything in the world of product development, strategy, and leadership, with a strong focus on growth and scaling. 

If you’re looking to follow one of the best podcasts for product managers and learn from leaders at companies like Intercom, IBM, and Atlassian, then The Launchnotes Podcast might be the solution for you—especially if your career centers around product management, product marketing, product ops, or other product-supporting functions.

4. Product Talk

Host: SC Moatti

Product Talk releases a weekly podcast that provides listeners with insights from C-suite and VP-level product executives. The podcast helps listeners tap into the tactics and best practices that leaders use for building great products. 

If you’re interested in learning the nitty gritty of product executive leadership and value advice from leaders at companies such as Microsoft, Bill, and Optimizely, Product Talk is a must-listen product management podcast. 

Topics on Product Talk include dealing with layoffs and doing ‘more with less,’ how to develop a product career, and detailed conversations with B2B tech product professionals. 

5. Inside Intercom

Host: Various

Intercom is a popular, unicorn SaaS company used by teams from Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. The software provides seamless omnichannel customer support, and the product boasts a suite of features that includes AI chatbots, a centralized inbox, and analytics. So it goes without saying that these folks know how to ship a product or two. 

On the Inside Intercom podcast, team members from the company interview movers and shakers in the product, growth, marketing, and startup world. Topics include creating frictionless customer experiences, the challenges of creating category-defining products, and using your product to drive growth.

6. This Is Product Management

Hosts: Mike Fishbein

This Is Product Management is an interview-based podcast that brings together “the brightest minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel modern product teams.” The podcast focuses on micro and macro product topics, including building meaningful products, customer motivations and behavioral science, and meaningful product leadership.

Produced by Feedback Loop, the This Is Product Management podcast is suitable for seasoned leaders and new product managers alike. 

7. How I Built This

Host: Guy Raz

How I Built This isn’t exclusively for product managers or marketers but will be of huge value to anyone who values growth and innovation. Each episode is an interview with well-known entrepreneurs who’ve built, launched, and managed some of the world’s most successful and iconic brands. 

Episodes are released every few days and have been running since September 2016. How I Built This is self-described as “a masterclass on innovation, creativity, and leadership,” and some must-listen episodes include an interview with Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson, founders of meditation app Headspace ($100 million ARR) and Jason Citron, founder of gaming social media platform Discord (150 million monthly users).

8. Lenny’s Podcast

Host: Lenny Rachitsky

One of the best podcasts for product managers is Lenny’s Podcast, which brings a sweet blend of tactical advice and actionable insights for product managers, marketers, and leaders alike.

Expect to hear from product experts at world-renowned, established businesses, including Uber, Google, and Tinder. As well as companies that have more recently become established in the marketplace, for example, Airtable, Figma, and Slack. Topics include how to use behavioral science to improve your product, growth strategies and retention tactics, and the art of building legendary brands.

9. Masters of Scale

Host: Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale presents business advice and insights from iconic CEOs that share their secrets to scaling success. Hear from top executives at companies including Nike, Slack, Kickstarter, and Netflix on topics that include how to balance innovation while staying true to your core, how to leverage the wisdom of others to help you scale, and working together in conflict to achieve product harmony.

Masters of Scale is presented by legendary Silicon Valley investor and LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman and promises an eclectic blend of unconventional theories on how businesses scale, along with human journeys of setbacks, failures, and learnings. 

Broken down into various formats and with over 370 episodes to choose from, there’s something for everyone, regardless of their product knowledge and career stage.

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