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customer feedback manager

Turn user feedback into smart product investments
Collect in-context user feedback through multiple touch points. Intelligently track who provided each piece of feedback and where. Synthesize and map feedback into your roadmap and planning cycles.


A central home for all product ideation
Protect your roadmap from premature promises. Turn feedback into ideas to signal interest and maintain a healthy customer dialogue. Add your own ideas. Make individual ideas public or private. Enable voting to collect even more signal.
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LaunchNotes is way more than a branded changelog. It's a new channel to grow your business.
Patrick thompson, director of product
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Publish the best ideas for all to see
Take multiple points of similar feedback and group them into a single idea, and make it public to share back with your subscribers. This acknowledges you have received and considered their input, but you can shape the idea on your terms.


keep private the ideas you’re still polishing
Some ideas may not be ready for a broader audience. You’re in the driver’s seat to determine which ideas you make public and which ideas remain private, indefinitely, or until they’re ready for their big reveal.
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Showcase product momentum
Keep everyone in the loop with a public roadmap. Your users can see what you're working on and follow individual items they're interested in. Allow feedback and sentiment capturing—helping you make even more intelligent product decisions.


Roadmap items for select audiences
Sharing your roadmap doesn't have to mean sharing with everyone. Restrict access to just your VIP customers, internal stakeholders, or anyone you define. Give them a higher-fidelity dialogue with your product org and watch product engagement soar.
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