The most trusted changelog tool

See why LaunchNotes is the changelog tool of choice for industry-leading software teams at Atlassian, Twilio, Loom, and hundreds of other companies
"We tried multiple changelog tools, but none of them lived up to the promises on their website. That all changed when we found LaunchNotes. Our team had it up and running in no time, it's a breeze to use, and our users love it."

-Patrick Thompson, Founder & CEO of

Set it up in seconds

Your personalized changelog page will be ready and waiting the moment you sign up. No lengthy setup process, no custom code, no fuss. Simply adjust the colors so it's on brand, add your logo, and you're off!

Embed it anywhere

In addition to your hosted changelog page, LaunchNotes updates can be shared anywhere your users frequently visit. Reach users in your app, on your login screen, or anywhere across your marketing site.

Integrate it with any tool

LaunchNotes comes out-of-the-box with a deep Slack integration and a rich GraphQL API that allows it to be connected with any tool your team uses. Make updates once and they'll be published anywhere you need them.

Map it to your product and org structure

LaunchNotes' custom categorization system allows you to easily segment your changes and updates. Users can then filter by and subscribe to the updates relevant to them, and won't be bothered by updates that aren't.

Reach users where they choose to be reached

Because most of us get enough email as it is, LaunchNotes makes it easy for users to receive updates wherever they want: Email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. Users choose, LaunchNotes ensures real-time delivery.

Keep your private and
public logs separate

Not every change or update is one that impacts customers, so LaunchNotes provides your team with two changelogs: one that your users can see and subscribe to, and another that's only accessible to your team.

Enjoy unlimited public subscribers (no, really!)

Whether you have 10 customers or 10,000, every LaunchNotes plan includes unlimited public subscribers. So regardless of how big you are, or how quickly you're scaling, rest assured no user will ever be out of the loop.

And did we mention LaunchNotes is...

Enterprise ready

The only changelog tool that offers SSO/SAML out-of-the-box, so it's secure at every scale

SEO friendly

Ensure every update—even small changes—are easily searchable with built-in SEO controls

Fully extensible

A rich GraphQL API ensures you can surface change information anywhere you need it