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Public Release Notes

Give your release notes, changelog, and 'what's new' blog a dedicated home
Craft beautiful announcements that educate and excite users about every release. A rich text editor and customizable HTML and CSS ensure every detail of your announcements are engaging and on brand.

Secure Release Notes

Create and share private release notes with internal
or external audiences
Not every product announcement is applicable to everyone, and some announcements shouldn't be shared publicly. Give specific customers access to a release notes feed tailored specifically to them.
Since we started using LaunchNotes, OfficeRnD has seen a 300% increase in release notes engagement.
Mike everts, product marketing

Custom Categories

Let users subscribe to the updates they care about, and ignore ones they don't
Categories are the guaranteed way to ensure every announcement only reaches the relevant users who need to know about them. They can be customized to map to any business, product line, or org structure.

Announcement Workflows

A simple, intuitive editor experience makes creating and publishing a breeze
Announcement workflows allow you to put your release notes on autopilot. Create rich, compelling content, choose the audience segments who need to see it, hit publish, and let LaunchNotes do the rest.

Email Announcements

All the benefits of email, without any of the overhead or cost of an email platform
The days of needing an email provider to create one-off email announcements are over. LaunchNotes turns every announcement into a beautiful, custom email, then delivers it to relevant subscribers.

Slack Announcements

Conveniently reach your users where they already live and work
Because so many people spend most of their day in Slack, LaunchNotes turns each announcement into a dedicated Slack message and can deliver it to your users directly in their Slack instance.


Broadcast release notes everywhere with an embeddable widget
Whether it's embedded in your app, on your login page, or anywhere across your marketing site, whenever you hit publish on an announcement or update you know it's reaching far and wide.

Customer feedback Manager

Collect customer feedback on each and every update
Use customer feedback to capture and measure the sentiment of your product updates, prioritize and improve future product investments, and more. And the feedback stays private, so only you can see it.

Release Notes analytics

Built-in analytics to track open rates, engagement rates, and more
After delivering the features your users have been waiting for, use LaunchNotes to automatically track and measure the success of your announcement.

Custom Branding

Your colors, fonts, logo, domain, and more
LaunchNotes comes ready, out-of-the-box, to ensure your release notes are a natural extension of your company's unique brand and voice.

Predictable Pricing

Enjoy unlimited
monthly tracked users
Unlike other tools that charge you by audience size, LaunchNotes believes in transparent, predictable pricing that will never penalize you as you grow.