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How Eden uses LaunchNotes to Save Time, Delight Prospects, and Improve the Customer Experience

Thanks to a few very turbulent years, the standard office environment is anything but standard.

Remote? Hybrid? Back to the office? Juggling these questions and properly executing on a plan here is among the trickiest challenges facing company leaders today.

It’s also a huge opportunity for a company like Eden, a software as a service startup helping hundreds of companies navigate a new era for office workers. 

About Eden: Building the tools for the modern company

Eden, an all-in-one people success and workplace platform, was founded in 2015 and is backed by well-known investors including Y Combinator, Bessemer Venture Partners, and more. Eden has long been serving its mission of building a better place to work with a broad spectrum of functionality aimed at helping customers manage their workplaces.

The company has been on an impressive ride— SaaS revenue grew by more than 11X in recent years. Notable customers include AngelList, Bloomscape, Gympass, Noom, RiskIQ, Squarespace, and TIME. Eden was named one of Y Combinator's Top Companies of 2021.

Amid a rapidly-shifting landscape for office workers, Eden’s team realized the pain of siloed tools and disconnected point solutions was really taking its toll on HR, IT, and workplace managers. The need for a united solution was more pressing than ever, and to address this Eden rolled out its all-in-one people success and workplace platform.

What’s even more impressive? Eden is doing all of this with a team of just about 50 people. 

The problem: Uncertainty about what’s shipping, wasting valuable time for CSMs and PMs + a bad experience for customers

This culture of rapid innovation and continuously shipping improvements, however, came with a challenge. How to make sure the right people knew what was being worked on and what had shipped?

Customer Success Managers were regularly unaware of new product developments, which made it difficult to communicate with customers about the product. So CSMs were trapped in a constant game of telephone with the product managers — running back and forth to see what’s shipped and what status updates were on each individual item.

“It was a huge inefficiency for both the CSMs and the product managers,” said Camille Merritt, VP of Product and Success at Eden.

On top of that, customers would leave feedback and never hear about it again, unsure if their input had even been registered. It was a frustrating experience all around. At a time when companies are trying to find as much efficiency as possible, putting any wasted time in front of these high-impact teams — product management and customer success — wasn’t acceptable.

“For us it comes down to time. I need our CSMs managing accounts and thinking about how to grow and retain our customer base,” Camille said. “Not chasing someone down for an update.”

So the Eden team went searching for a solution.

A view of Eden’s public roadmap on LaunchNotes.

The solution: Bring in LaunchNotes for public roadmaps, announcements, and more!

After evaluating all the top roadmap solutions on the market, Camille’s team knew they found exactly what they needed with LaunchNotes.

"The LaunchNotes team was so great to work with and played a big part in getting us set up."

Camille Merritt, VP of Product and Success at Eden

The team was impressed with the product functionality, Camille said, but equally impressed with how quickly they were able to get up and running. And how hands-on the LaunchNotes team was with helping get them set up.

“The LaunchNotes team was so great to work with and played a big part in getting us set up with the tool,” she added.

The learning curve for Camille’s team was minimal, which she said has been an excellent benefit. For the PMs sending announcements, it was imperative to have something they could get to work on right away. Alternatively, bringing in a complex marketing automation product would have required a ton more training and setup.

In a matter of weeks, the LaunchNotes team helped Eden build and launch a customized public roadmap and announcements page that matched the look and feel of their overall marketing site. The Eden team introduced LaunchNotes to their entire team and customer base, as well as making a LaunchNotes introduction part of new customer onboarding going forward.

A view of Eden’s marketing website (left) and their LaunchNotes page (right).

The impact: More efficient teams, stronger sales conversations, happier customers

The change has created major efficiency improvements for CSMs and PMs, Camille said. 

“They don’t have to go chasing down the product teams, they can look at LaunchNotes and find updates themselves,” Camille said.

It’s even helped the sales team, she added, as sales reps are now better equipped to talk about new product developments with prospects.

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