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10 Product Launch Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Own

Not every launch deserves a dedicated landing page. For the week-in-week out improvements and updates, you’re likely best off sharing updates in a changelog, maybe updating some docs and moving on.

But for the large updates: A new product, significant new functionality — a landing page is the way to go. 

A landing page is one single web page that's designed to showcase your new product, capture interested visitors, and convince them to take action. 

These product launch landing pages let you control the narrative around your product and highlight the most important product benefits and use cases (plus happy users if you already have them). This is crucial when you're trying to generate interest and build excitement for a new product.

To inspire you to put your own together, let’s look at the best product launch landing pages out there and why they work for the brands that use them.

In building this list, we’ve taken into account all the key elements that are essential for converting leads into customers through a landing page. These elements include strong headlines, compelling copy, eye-catching images, an effective call-to-action (CTA), and other elements that helped differentiate the products.


Whereby’s hybrid meetings product

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: Whereby’s product launch landing page does everything perfectly. First, they use short video clips set on autoplay to make sure that viewers will instantly get an idea of how the product works. Next, their copy, although short, summarizes every benefit and use case users should know about.

Not to mention their CTA is compelling enough as it allows people to try the feature for free. And if people aren’t yet convinced, add in a couple of social proof mentions like Capterra and G2 reviews together with the logos of the biggest organizations using their solution.

To make sure their users got the news, Whereby also added the launch to their announcements board:

Wrike’s Cross-Tagging

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: Don’t have any numbers or testimonials yet? Do what Wrike does on this landing page by pulling in from general stats you already have. Promoting your product as a whole is perfectly fine as you wait for people to use your new features and start sharing the results.

Wrike is also scoring great points from us because of how easy they make it for users to start using the feature on the spot. Besides the obvious CTAs, they provide project templates so users can start testing out the new feature there, even if they haven’t created a project beforehand.

Jira’s updated roadmaps

Public product launch landing page: and 

What we like: Jira already had a landing page for their Roadmaps feature. But when they added Advanced features to it they made this blog post announcement detailing the change. This blog would likely only reach current users or big fans of the brand who’d look at the blog. 

So to target more people, they also updated their product landing page to mark the launch. Hence, the landing page for their Roadmaps product is now structured as a comparison between the old product and the new, more advanced one. On top of this, they added an Advanced tag to features only available with this new launch:

Chargebee’s Proration Feature

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: We love the compelling headings (e.g. Enable Your Finance Teams by Combining Proration with Revenue Recognition, Simplify the Process of Proration by Automating Subscription Actions). Typical advice dictates that shorter copy is better. People have limited time to dedicate to landing pages. But we think this is a nice exception to that guidance.

FreshBooks’ mileage tracker

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: While they’re not exactly making any novel use of the above-the-fold area, they balance things with a perfect mix of short and crisp copy paired with great in-app screenshots. Particularly, we love the addition of the Frequently Asked Questions list that answers common user concerns and aids ranking efforts.

Mailchimp’s subject line helper

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: We added this launch to our list as an example of how you can put together a successful landing page for a really small feature. So for anyone who’s launching a functionality that’s not yet super complex, here’s what Mailchimp did:

  • They created articles and help page posts on the topic, linking to these under a Learn more CTA.
  • They broke down the feature’s capabilities into smaller chunks, making sure to thoroughly cover the benefits.
  • They ran out of functionalities so they decided to fill in the page with sections of more benefits in detail.
  • They’re selling their whole tool with a brief See what else you can do with Mailchimp heading.

Thirdweb’s ContractKit

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: Besides the Get started CTA which makes it super easy for people to start using the feature right away, this product launch page stands out through the very last Learn how to build section. This is essentially a list of links that takes people to educational, how-to style content on the brand’s blog. 

The goal? Showing people how they can use this new addition and what possible use cases they should consider. Perfect for emphasizing the value of your product!


Public product launch landing page:

What we like: The landing page walks the reader through what they need to know about this new product in a logical order. You’ve first got a series of case studies to see how other brands are already using this feature and how it could help you as well.

This is a more complex feature launch so they added a section to help users decide between two different versions of the new product. The remaining sections focus on the benefits of the feature, extensively answering the classic “Why?” question.

Asana’s Workflow Builder

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: Asana nails the use of animated screenshots to show the feature in action. Adding such interactive images to your landing pages ensures people will have an idea of how the feature looks and feels before they even get it.

We also love how they used a quick New tag on their list of features in the very menu of the website to bring more attention to this new addition:

Caravel’s API Launch

Public product launch landing page: 

What we like: The use of compelling copy highlights each benefit and feature of Caravel’s API product. The page does a great job of pointing out the jobs-to-be-done that these new features help with. This makes it easier for people to resonate with the messaging and associate their needs and pains with the advantages of this new product.

Bonus: You don’t always need a product launch landing page for every single feature.

In some situations, you might not feel confident about putting a lot of resources and time into building a dedicated landing page for the launch. Common situations include:

  • Super small features or updates
  • Features you expect to develop further or to replace altogether at some point in the future
  • Not having enough budget for a copywriter and designer

In this case, turn to other solutions like sending dedicated emails, in-app notifications, or creating blog posts like in this example from Journey:

The Journey team paired this product launch with an announcement in their changelog as well:

Build your own product launch landing page

Time to create your own! 

While there’s no go-to template to follow for these product launch landing pages, here’s a quick reminder of the elements you must include: 

  • Memorable headlines throughout the whole page to point out benefits and use cases immediately 
  • Compelling copy to sum up how a function works and what users can achieve through it
  • Eye-catching images that show the feature in action
  • A call-to-action to guide people to the product
  • Any other elements to help you stand out: social proof, videos, Q&A section, resources, templates, free tools, etc.

Still struggling to deliver a helpful changelog and share release updates? Sign up for a free trial of LaunchNotes or request a demo today.

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