When stars align: Why I’m joining team LaunchNotes

Hello there! 👋

I’m Jane, and I'm over the moon to be joining LaunchNotes as their new Team Coordinator!

Corporate 🌎 → Startup 🌎

Since graduating college, my goal was to start my career at a large company to gain as much experience and exposure as possible, but then to ultimately find a position in a smaller company where there would be greater opportunity for me to have direct impact.

Having grown up with parents pursuing exciting careers in advertising, after graduation I spent the next two and a half years at several global corporate advertising agencies. In each of these roles I got incredible exposure to clients, partners, and cross-functional teams. I became addicted to the fast-pace nature of the work, as well as the upbeat and social nature of the industry. And getting to live and work in downtown Chicago was icing on the cake.

🎓 My younger sister’s graduation from the University of Denver. Go Pios!

However, after two years of agency life, I found my day-to-day experiences getting increasingly repetitive and began to feel a strong urge to shake things up. Having grown up in the Chicago area, I felt it was time to take advantage of the remote aspect of my job and move to a city where I could try and learn new things, meet new people, and embrace a different lifestyle. That place was Denver!

My move to Denver in September of 2021 was an amazing change of pace, and I found myself reenergized by being in a new place and soaking in new experiences on a daily basis. However, there was still something missing, and before long I realized it was time to take the same thinking that led me to Denver and apply it to my professional life. I needed a role that offered more creativity, innovation, and excitement.

Enjoying the slopes in Beaver Creek, ready to après-ski 😜

Thankfully Denver had exposed me to the world of tech and startups, and I thought this would be a great place to begin searching for a smaller company, but one with big ambitions. Ideally I was also looking for a new opportunity at a company that was growing fast, as I knew this would continually provide me with new challenges. And so my search began!

Finding LaunchNotes

I was first introduced to the LaunchNotes Team Coordinator role from an email sent by my alma mater and it immediately piqued my interest. The more I read and learned about the company, the team, and the opportunity, the more I fell in love with it.  Perhaps most excitingly, this role would offer me a chance to work directly with the founders of the company (one of whom is a fellow alum of my alma mater!) on everything from business strategy to investors relations to HR to operations. And the fact that I would be partnering with the team to help make Denver the hub of their remote-first company seemed almost too good to be true.

After digging into the product LaunchNotes was building and the space it was in, it became clear this was a motivated team tackling a huge problem in an expanding market. The need for greater transparency and seamless communication throughout the product development lifecycle is undeniable, and it’s a pain felt by so many in every industry. As if there already weren't enough positive signals, this was the icing on the cake, and I eagerly threw my hat in the ring. And the rest, as they say, is history!

❄️ Hiking the Rocky Mountain National Park

While jumping feet first into something new can always be intimidating, just like my move to Denver, there was no doubt that beginning a new professional adventure at LaunchNotes was the right move. Now, I not only have the great fortune of living in an amazing city, surrounded by incredible landscape, but I'm also working with a great team on building a remarkable company.

What makes LaunchNotes unique

🌟 Ownership and latitude

At LaunchNotes, I not only have the latitude to take and own initiatives, but I'm encouraged to be creative in my approach to solving problems. As a result, I find myself getting to genuinely think outside the box on a daily basis, which is not an experience I've had before. Moreover, I’ve found I get to enjoy this ownership and latitude in a very supportive environment, surrounded by a team that's always there to help me when I need it. Having the opportunity to learn and grow alongside this small but intelligent and inspirational group from all different backgrounds has been a dream come true.

Relatedly, as a result of how quickly LaunchNotes is growing and scaling, I’ve found that everyone on the team is asked to regularly take on new challenges. This allows each of us to not only springboard in our respective careers, but to do so in an environment in which we’re all growing and being challenged together. This sense of camaraderie is infectious, and makes tackling new challenges all the more fun!

🎉 Celebratory culture

One of my favorite core values of LaunchNotes is to always be celebrating. As a team, we never miss any opportunity to celebrate achievements and wins, big and small. The shared enthusiasm from both individual and team victories is contagious and creates a positive and motivating environment in which to work every day.

To celebrate these wins, Tyler and Jake prioritize opportunities for the whole team to get face-time with one another, recognize achievements, and then enjoy quality time as a group. This manifests itself in many different ways, from planning virtual happy-hours and game nights, to gathering for in-person team events and offsites, to carving out time in our weekly meetings specifically for highlighting wins and celebrating one another. And in turn, this happiness in the workplace allows our team to not only deliver the best work of our lives, but more importantly give our customers a world-class experience.

Reach out - we're hiring! 🚀

If you also have the urge to join this fast-growing team, we are actively hiring for a number of roles across S&M and R&D. Check out our careers page for more info!

And if you're curious about anything related to my move to Denver, jumping into the startup world, or what we're currently working on here at LaunchNotes, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email jane@launchnotes.io any time. I'd love to connect with you!

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