LaunchNotes control for Slack

The power of LaunchNotes
from the convenience of Slack

No one needs another app to bookmark or password to store,
so we're bringing the power of LaunchNotes to your Slack workplace
Log in and add LaunchNotes Control

Installation as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Go to Settings
Navigate to Settings Integrations in your Management Portal
Click install
Click “Install” on the Control for Slack integration
Follow the prompts
Follow Slack’s step-by-step instructions to finish installation in your Slack Workspace

Add new feedback

Submit feedback on behalf of your users in seconds
Slack Control for LaunchNotes provides customer-facing teams with a new method for collecting detailed customer feedback with only a few keystrokes and without ever leaving Slack.

turn conversations into feedback

Capture feedback directly from any conversation
Because you never know when a nugget of feedback might arise, Slack Control for LaunchNotes makes it easy to turn any part of your Slack conversation into a feedback item with only a click.

prioritize feedback items

Communicate the priority
of every feedback item
Because not all feedback is created equal, Slack Control for LaunchNotes makes it easy to communicate to Product Management how important each item of feedback is.