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Showcase product momentum and keep everyone in the loop
Your roadmap is not only a place for users to see what you're working on, but also to follow any items they're interested in. Whenever an item ships, there's immediate follow-up with everyone who care most.

Work Items

Provide the full context of every work item in-flight
Work items can be as detailed as you want them to be. Include a description of what's coming, attach prototypes and mock-ups, and update the status and completion dates to keep everyone aligned.
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LaunchNotes is a personalized way to keep our users engaged throughout the entire product development lifecycle.
Diana Hsieh, Co-founder & Head of Product
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Engage your customers by teasing upcoming features
Simultaneously demonstrate your commitment to customer needs while making the biggest possible splash on launch day by teasing new features and functionality before they land.

Subscriber Management

Build and manage lists for EAPs and beta programs
As users vote and leave feedback on roadmap items, you're building the perfect, targeted list of users to engage for additional feedback, early access programs, beta testing, and customer testimonials.
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Roadmap Feedback

Improve feature quality by creating 1:1 feedback loops
Maintain a healthy customer feedback loop by providing a direct channel for users to leave feedback on the work items you've committed to. And we keep the feedback private, so only you can see it.

Customer Feedback Manager

Prioritize product investments based on customer feedback
Focus your valuable product and development resources on the features and functionality that will move the needle for your customers and business.
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LaunchNotes notifications

Due Date Projector

Set honest expectations for your team and customers
Put an end to the endless conversations about when something's going to ship. LaunchNotes lets you set due dates with confidence - whether you want to be exact or leave some wiggle room.

Custom Categories

Easily filter and sort to find the work that's relevant
Categories are completely customizable, and were designed to map to the needs of any organization. Categorize work by product, plan type, business unit, workstream - whatever suits your needs.
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LaunchNotes notifications

Announcement Workflows

Turn work items into announcements with a click
Your product roadmap was never meant to live in a silo. When a piece of work is nearing completion, simply kick off an announcement workflow, attach the work item, and let LaunchNotes do the rest.


Create and share secure, private product roadmaps
Not every product announcement is applicable to everyone, and some roadmaps shouldn't be shared publicly. Give individual customers and clients access to a product roadmap tailored specifically to them.
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