Customer Feedback Manager

Improve your product development
lifecycle with qualitative insights

Leverage private feedback channels to create 1:1 relationships with users, then build and launch better products based on their feedback
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Roadmap Feedback

Collect customer feedback on product roadmap items
Give customers a direct, contextual channel to reach you with questions, concerns, and kudos about the new features and functionality on your roadmap.

Announcement Feedback

Collect customer feedback
on feature announcements
Make releases more than just a moment in time. Allow users to ask questions and leave feedback whenever you roll out new features and functionality.
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Sentiment Analysis

Make data-informed
product investments
Measure how customers are feeling about your product investments and channel this data back
into the product development cycle.


Create and maintain tight, personalized feedback loops
Understand how specific users feel about upcoming features and functionality to make collecting follow-on feedback simple and personalized.
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Public Roadmap

Plan and share customer-driven product roadmaps
Show commitment to customer needs by prioritizing the work that will drive higher engagement, increase NPS, and move the bottom line for your business.

Fixed Pricing

Enjoy unlimited
tracked users
One flat price means you won't be penalized for collecting more feedback from your customers as your business grows and you needs scale.
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Secure Roadmap + Secure LaunchNotes Page

Create and manage secure, private feedback channels
Give VIP customers a personalized window into the product development process while collecting private feedback on new features and product investments.