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Why I chose LaunchNotes

My name is Ashley and I live in Marietta, Ga. I’m beyond stoked to work with this amazingly talented group of humans as the new Director of Customer Success at LaunchNotes.

A Quick Note About Me 📓

I love books, enjoy European coffee (or any coffee for that matter), am a proud foodie, and find joy in anything related to travel or culture. When I’m not sitting at my computer, you’ll likely find me laughing with my family, exploring new hiking trails or trying out some snazzy new recipes.

The Backstory

I’ve always had a deep passion for two things: learning and helping people. I’ve consistently found a way to include these core interests in anything that I do. After going to school for Computer Science, I discovered very quickly that I had a knack for connecting with people and dissecting challenges. While I loved learning and tackling technical projects, my passion has always been in helping people accomplish their goals.

I’ve worked as a developer, consultant, technical support and onboarding engineer, but I’ve spent the majority of my career in customer success leadership roles. This led me to accept positions at startups, fully bootstrapped and profitable SaaS companies (Wildbit), and enterprise technologies (Twilio and Crowdstrike).

Over the course of my career, I’ve leaned into roles and companies that allow me to fully utilize my strengths. For me, it’s quite simple. I enjoy working on amazing products with strong leaders who aren’t afraid to push the envelope beyond the status quo. Enter LaunchNotes.

Why I Chose LaunchNotes

When I first heard about the product success philosophy, it felt like something that should have existed ages ago. After meeting with the founders, Tyler and Jake, it became immediately obvious that this was a true rocket ship, and I didn’t want to be left behind. Here are just a few reasons why I chose to hop on board:

  1. LaunchNotes solves a problem I’ve experienced firsthand at so many companies. Throughout my career, I’ve sat in on countless calls with customers who desperately wanted to understand product roadmaps, share ideas and give feedback to get maximum value from the products they’re using. These requests often fell into a black hole, leaving customers frustrated and confused about why they left feedback in the first place. LaunchNotes solves this problem by helping feedback providers voice their concerns in a way that breaks through the noise. This gives greater control to end users, stakeholders and prospects, allowing them to remain in the loop about product changes that impact them the most.
  2. A customer-centric culture is encouraged by the founders. Every member of the LaunchNotes team is incredibly motivated and determined to maintain a customer centric approach in their work. At LaunchNotes, you check your ego at the door and deliver great work. Each week, we meet as a company to celebrate wins. This is a tradition that started with the founders, Tyler and Jake, and is a clear testament of their strong leadership abilities.
  3. Small team for the win. I’ve done some of my best work on smaller teams that thrive on innovation. LaunchNotes is a small, yet mighty, team of humans who ship new features and updates at lightning speed. I fell in love with the efficiency and productivity across the GTM, product, and engineering teams.

What’s Ahead? ☀️

Now that I’m here, I’m ecstatic to get started and learn more about our customers. A product like LaunchNotes is a dream for a customer-centric person like myself. After all, our overall success is dependent on our ability to listen to customers and help to achieve their desired outcomes. There will be a few bumps along the way, but I am confident in our product, our leaders, and our commitment to becoming the world’s first product success platform.

Join us!  🚀

If LaunchNotes sounds like a team on which you could thrive, you’re in luck! We're hiring for several roles across the company.

Check out our careers page for more info or reach out to me directly at

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