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LaunchNotes overview

Spend less time managing change, and more time communicating value.

Public release stream

Keep users ahead of and excited about updates with one source of truth for all product change

Internal change feed

Ensure everyone working on a release stays aligned via a rich, contextual change log, updated in real-time

Release articles

Enhance your releases with full-length articles, including rich text, images, video, and more.


Centralize all release comms in one single source of truth that anyone can access.


Organize updates by workstream, version, team, or what maps to your org structure.


Tailor notifications to be delivered where you want them; Slack, email, and more.

Built for your team


Coordinate early

Releases are more impactful when stakeholders are brought into the fold early. LaunchNotes gives internal teams a dedicated home for all upcoming product change, meaning teams will finally have enough time to sharpen launch messaging, update support docs, and create sales enablement materials.


Make status updates once

Stop the endless stream of Slack messages and emails asking you for an update on what's shipping when and what your teams are working on. Make updates on the status of work one time in LaunchNotes and let it do the work of ensuring every necessary stakeholder is notified.


Measure impact

Drive feature adoption and engagement by knowing your updates are reaching the right audience. Easily measure impact by seeing how many customers receive each update.


Align early

Ever rush to write messaging announcing something new on launch day? LaunchNotes gives you and your product team a common starting point so you can create messaging ahead of time.


Tease changes

Build buzz around upcoming launches and have your user base on the edge of their seat. It's like a series of trailers for your release movie.


Make a splash

Use LaunchNotes as your go-to channel for announcing changes big and small on launch day. A dedicated home for product changes keeps current customers checking in on "what's new?" and unlocks a funnel to attract new signups.


Advanced notice

A new feature, a bug fix, a design tweak -- every product change impacts your customers. Use LaunchNotes as a way to give customers a heads up as soon as you know work has kicked off.


Proactive support

Communication on product changes big and small is the proactive support you can delight your customer base with outside of the queue. Announce when product changes are coming up instead of keeping customers in the dark.


Transparent comms

Provide a dedicated place your customers can keep tabs on product changes.  Eliminate customer confusion and surprises on launch day.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"The last change we rolled out pissed off a lot of users who weren't expecting it."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Public LaunchNotes pages

"I never have enough time to align all the comms before a release."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Announcement Workflows

"I wish I knew which users cared the most about this update we're rolling out."

See how LaunchNotes solves this with Categories

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